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Most dues are paid to the national office in New York. The dues structure below is for all areas of the country except for the following chapters. These chapters can be contacted directly for a dues schedule and payment details.

San Francisco NLG
558 Capp Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

Los Angeles NLG
8124 W. 3rd St. #201
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(213) 653-4510

Detroit NLG
615 Griswold #916
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 963-0843

Southern Arizona NLG
611 N. 4th Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85705
(520) 623-7306

New York City NLG
126 University Place, 5th Fl.
New York, NY 10003
(212) 255-4181

Massachusetts NLG
(all of Massachusetts)
14 Beacon St. #407
Boston, MA 02108
(617) 227-7335

Suggested Dues Schedules

New Members

Law Students: $15
Lawyers and Legal Workers: $50
Jailhouse Lawyers: no dues, but $7.50 required for Guild Notes subscription

Renewing Members (After first year, annual membership dues are as follows)

Law Students: $15
Jailhouse Lawyers: no dues, but $7.50 required for Guild Notes subscription

Lawyers and Legal Workers Sliding Scale

 Income under      $20,000  $45-75
 Income $20,000    to $25,000
 Income $25,000    to $30,000  $110-165
 Income $30,000    to $40,000  $165-220
 Income $40,000    to $50,000  $220-275
 Income $50,000    to $65,000  $275-325
 Income $65,000    to $75,000  $325-375
 Income $75,000    to $100,000  $375-425
 Income over        $100,000  $500 or more*

*Sustaining member-includes waiver of $100 annual convention registration fees

Members of Affiliated Minority Legal Organizations one-half of the standard dues

Half of your dues are sent to your local NLG chapter and region.
Dues may be tax deductible as a professional expense to the extent allowed by law

Please Note. Dues received by the national office up to or at the Annual Convention, will be credited as dues for that calendar year and will entitle you to the member rate when registering for the convention. Dues received after the convention will be credited towards the following calendar year.

Membership Form

Please check one: __New Member __Renewal

Name: ______________________________

Address: ____________________________

Is this address your ____(home) or ____(office)

City: ______________ State:_______ Zip:_______

Home Phone: ___________________ Work Phone: ________________

Fax Number: ____________________ E-mail:_____________________

Date of Birth: _________ Sex: Female ___Male___

Race: ________________

Member of Minority Legal Organization ___

Professional Status: Attorney___ Legal Worker ___

Law Student ___Jailhouse Lawyer___

Area(s) of Concentration: __________________________

Law School Attended: _____________________________

Year of Graduation: ______

Payment Form

Please, indicate what your payment will include:

___NLG Membership Dues
___Committee(s) Dues
___Publications / Merchandise
___Donation (tax-deductible if made out to "NLG Foundation")

Total Payment: _____

Please, select one:
___I am enclosing a check for the above amount.
___I am enclosing my credit card information for the above amount.
___I am calling it in.

If you are sending credit card information, please, include:

Type of card (VISA or MasterCard only): _______________
Card number: __________________________________
Expiration Date: ________________________________
Name as it appears on the card: ______________________________
Signature (necessary for processing credit card) : _______________________________________________________

Payments made on the NLG MasterCard save the Guild money. If you have it, we urge you to use it.

Please do not:

[]  Give my name/number out for legal referrals
[]  Print my name/city in the Referral  Directory
[]  Post my name/city on the NLG web site
[]  Give my name or contact information out to any one for any purpose

Send payment to:

126 University Place, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10003