NLG International Committee

The NLG International Committee

Since its inception, international work has been a critical focus of the National Lawyers Guild and its members. Historically, that work has often been centered on the support of national liberation movements (such as Vietnam and South Africa). Ongoing projects have resulted, such as the South Africa Sub-Committee’s Truth & Reconciliation Commission Monitoring Project. 

Guild delegations and members have represented the organization in Colombia, Japan, Cuba and, most recently, Israel and the Occupied Territories. The Cuba Sub-Committee has been actively involved in anti-blockade work, and most recently in the struggle to return Elian to his homeland.

But the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the increased concentration and coordination of world capitalism, have also made clear that we must taken a proactive role in dealing with these issues. Guild members have taken a leading role in the International Association of Democratic Lawyers; over 240 lawyers and legal workers from the U.S. participated in IADL’s Congress in Havana in October 2000, meeting with lawyers from Cuba, Latin and Central America, Europe, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Israel, Palestine, Bulgaria. We have helped develop a Labor Rights Monitoring Project with IADL which will send teams of attorneys to monitor and report on labor rights abuses throughout the world.

We have organized seminars for our own members on how to incorporate international law principles into everyday law practice.  Guild lawyers have worked with labor unions to develop a strategy for developing alliances with progressive unions in Mexico, challenging labor rights abuses in that country through the administrative process established under NAFTA. 

This is an exciting time to be involved in the Guild’s international work. JOIN US; international committee dues are only $15 annually for Guild members! To join the International Committee, send committee dues to the NLG National Office:
National Lawyers Guild  126 University Place , 5th floor New York, N.Y. 10003 

For more information, contact:  Steven Goldberg  621 S.W. Morrison St. Suite 1450 Portland, OR 97205  Phone: (503) 224-2372 / Fax: (503) 224-1123 Email:

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