NLG Mass Defense Committee

The NLG Mass Defense Committee

This committee is a network of Guild lawyers, legal workers and law students who are committed to providing effective legal support for progressive protest movements and demonstrators. If you would like to join this national network or organize a local mass defense network in your area, please contact: Mac Scott at or Mass Defense Committee c/o National Office, NLG 126 University Place, 5th Floor  NY, NY  10003, (212) 627-2656 ext 14 

To join the NLG Mass Defense Committee listserv send a  blank email message to:

Exercising Your Rights of Political Protest in Washington DC- An NLG manual

Exercising Your Rights of Political Protest In Philadelphia- An NLG manual   


Reports & News

The NLG & Mass Defense

Waging War on Dissent, A Report by the Seattle National Lawyers Guild

WTO Ministerial Update

Legal Updates on the FTAA Demonstrations in Quebec City 


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