NLG Cuba Subcommittee

The NLG Cuba Subcommittee

The Cuba Subcommittee is a subcommittee of the International committees. Members of the Cuba Committee act as liaisons with organizations working on issues around Cuba, particularly ending the U.S. Blockade. For more information please contact: Art Heitzer, 606 W. Wisconsin Ave., Ste. 1706, Milwaukee, WI 53203 (414) 273-1040.

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The Fight Against Terrorism and Cuba

For a detailed and highly researched review of the question of terrorism as seen in the context of US/Cuba relations, we highly recommend the following paper, co-authored by the former top US Diplomat to Cuba, Wayne Smith:
"Keeping things in perspective: Cuba and the question of international terrorism"

"For almost 40 years, we have isolated Cuba on the assumption that the tiny island is a center of terrorism in the hemisphere, and year after year we gain new evidence that it is the U.S. that has terrorized Cuba and not the other way around."
-Los Angeles Times, July 14, 1998.
By Anya K. Landau and Wayne S. Smith
November 6, 2001

For related articles on Cuba, and its potential role in helping in the fight against terrorism, see:
Cuba's statement on U.S detention in Guatanamo Bay naval base

NLG Cuba Subcommittee News

January 2002

A statement made January 11th by the Cuban Government on the use of Guantanamo Naval Base to keep Al Qaeda and Taliban prisoners.

The Cuban Government maintains its position that Guantanamo is a portion of its national territory that is occupied against the will of its people, and should be returned. But it also recognizes that Cuba has no jurisdiction over a portion of its land of which it has been deprived.

The statement emphasizes that the Cuban Government "shall not set any obstacles to the development of the present operation". And it adds: "Despite the fact that we hold different positions as to the most efficient way to eradicate terrorism, the difference between Cuba and the United States lies in the method and not in the need to put an end to that scourge".

Cuba's Statement also underlines that:

- The Cuban authorities will keep in contact with the personnel at the American naval base to adopt such measures as may be deemed convenient to avoid the risk of accidents in the considerable movement of personnel and means of air transportation that this operation demads.

- Cuba feels that this operation does not pose any threat to its national security. Therefore, we will not increase the Cuban personnel or the military means stationed in the area of that facility.

- Cuba will make every effort to preserve the atmosphere of détente and mutual respect that has prevailed in that area in the past few years.

- The government of Cuba appreciates the previous information supplied and has taken note with satisfaction of the public statements made by the U.S. authorities in the sense that the prisoners will be accorded an adequate and humane treatment that may be monitored by the International Red Cross.

- Just like we did on the occasion of the project to transfer to that place thousands of Kosovars refugees, Cuba is willing to cooperate with the medical services required as well as with sanitation programs in the surrounding areas under our control to keep them clean of vectors and pests. Likewise, we are willing to cooperate in any other useful, constructive and humane way that may arise.

Read the Official Cuban statement

October 2001


2. Castro leads 1 million to honor 1976 blast victims(Reuters report,
10/6/01, with link added at the end to find full text of Castro's speech)

3. An editorial: "U.S. Policy Needs To Be Smarter," from the South Florida
Sun-Sentinel. South Florida Sun Sentinel calls for US Cuba Cooperation Against Terrorism, & Removing Cuba from US list of "terrorist" states.

CubaTravel Developments and Referral Network

To request a referral to a lawyer in your area who may be willing to handle cases on Cuba travel, please contact:
Anna Liza Gavieres at (212) 614-6470 or
Art Heitzer at (414) 273-1040 x12. email:

When calling, please include the city and state you need a referral in.

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Cuba Links

Castro has given several speeches on the question of terrorism. Selected speeches of his, in English as well as Spanish, are also available (with lots of other great links) from the site of the Cuban Interests Section in D.C.,

National Network on Cuba, a network of US groups working for normalization and/or solidarity with Cuba:
E-mail: Website:

Find out the latest on proposed US legislation re Cuba, including the amendments to cut off funds to enforce the travel ban; see, and particularly

Learn more about direct actions to challenge the travel ban, plus Cuba's offer of free medical education to US students, its leading role in organic farming, etc. see and

See the website from the Cuban Interests Section in Washington,, which now has a link to the website of RADIO HABANA CUBA where you can read or hear news from Cuba & about Latin America.

For a creative joint bilingual website about life in Cuba today by Julián Gutiérrez & NLG member Cindy O'Hara, see

An invaluable resource on Cuban music & culture of African influence, is:

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