Jobs available
(internships below)

As more jobs are posted, we may break them down into categories.   As of now, all jobs are listed here. If you would like to post a job, send it to or

Human Rights Clinic Law Professor, NYC *new posted 2/25/02

Center for Justice Accountability Staff Attorney, CA  *new posted 2/25/02

Battered Immigrant Project Atty, NC  posted 1/10/02

CCR Administrative Director, NYC posted 12/10/01

Labor Project Staff Attorney, (CLINIC) El Paso, TX posted 12/10/01

Women's Rights Attorney, Iowa *11/08/01

Catholic Legal Immigration Network, (CLINIC), Washington, DC -*10/16/01

Public Justice Center-Maryland  


Internships & Fellowships

Robert M. Cover Fellowship - Yale University *new

AALDEF Internship

AMERICORPS Job Opening  

Lawyers Committee for Human Rights


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