Struggles & Victories

Lawsuits/Legal Challenges & Press Coverage

Minnesota NLG Challenges Local Patriot Act Adaption in State *new
Los Angeles NLG Lawsuit Against LAPD
More News on NLG Lawsuit Against LAPD Violence against DNC Protestors  
NLG Files Suit around IMF Protests in September 2001 
and Partnership for Civil Justice make news in the Washington Post   
Guild Member Opinion Editorial in New York Times  

Reports/Press Releases 

Middle East Report on the NLG Delegation to Palestine 

Guild Responds to G8 Summit Protester Killed by Police

New York Times Letters on NLG and Cuba Travel Fight 

NLG Minnesota teams up with H.E.R.E Local 17 for workers' rights



Legal/Legislative News
DNA in Rape Case Frees Prisoner after 15 Years *new

The USA Patriot Act

AP reports No Administrative Hearings Have Been Held on Cuba Travel Cases  
Mexican Human Rights Lawyer Is Killed
Political Prisoner Updates