March 31, 2001  l
9AM  NYU Law School 110 West 3rd St. 

(Just East of 6th St. Southwest end of Washington Square, Take the B/D/F/Q or A/C/E to West 4th st. stop and walk east and south)

" . . . To the end that human rights shall be more sacred than property interests."

On March 31, the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the National Lawyers Guild sponsored a joint conference, "Radical Strategies Against the Bush-Rehnquist Regime." Beyond educating legal activists on critical issues, the main focus was on strategic discussions, planning and the creation of action plans for the next year and beyond

The day was structured around four broad campaign themes. The purpose was to allow the integration of campaigns and issues to allow us to think about coordinated campaigns, with sub-groups formed within the larger groups to implement campaigns in specific areas. The day started with larger sessions discussing strategic and theoretical connections between the issues, then sessions broke down into specific action groups to discuss implementation of campaigns:

  1. Challenge the Global Corporate State
  2. Facilitators:

    Ward Morehouse, Council on International and Public Affairs

    Leah Margulies, public interest attorney; coordinator of Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue; adviser to INFACT and other NGOs on corporate accountability and workers, consumer, and environmental rights

  3. Fight the Criminal Injustice System
  4. Facilitators:

    Sarah Hogarth, National Police Accountability Project,

    Steve Gotzler, November Coalition and Rutgers Public Interest Law Center &

    Death Penalty:

    Jeff Garis & William Nieves, PA Abolitionists United Against the Death Penalty,, 215 724-6120 or 215 726-7696

    Prison-Industrial Complex:

    Bob Boyle, Prison Law Project,, 212 431-0229 (work)

    Maggie Smith, PSHC & John Jay College, mlsjj@cunyvm,, 212 237-8033

    Bob Costanza, Massachusetts Correctional Legal Services,

    Drug War:

    Kevin Zeese, Common Sense on Drug Policy

    Steve Gotzler

    Police Abuse:

    Ramona Africa, MOVE & International Concerned Family & Friends of Mumia, 215 387-410

    Rima Vesely, 212 663-1788 (tentative)

    Sarah Hogarth

  5. Organize Against the Global Sweatshop: From protecting immigrant workers to forming global unions

        Facilitators: TBA

        Brent Garen, UNITE

        Charlie Eaton, Students Against Sweatshops

        Jose August Gonzalez, CITA, Centro Indepentiente de Trabajadores Agricolas

        TBA. Representative from the AFL-CIO International Department

        Bruce Goldstein, Farmworker Campaign for Justice

4.    The New Battle for Voting Rights: Protecting Voting Rights, Enfranchising the Undocumented, and   Passing Campaign Finance Reform

        Facilitators: Peter Kempner, Cardoza NLG and others

        Frieda Zames, Disabled in Action of Metro NYC

`       Glenn D. Magpantay, Asian American Legal Defence and Education FUnd

        Gilliam Metzger, Associate Counsel at the Brennan Center

        Bonnie Temmeriello, National Voting Rights Institute

        Renne Steinhagen, Public Interest Law Center



FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT STEVE GOTZLER (Mid-Atlantic Co-Regional VP) 973-353-5521