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Hotel Workers and Peoples' Lawyers Join Forces to Denounce Union Busting.
Attorneys to Join Picket Line During Mn. State Bar Association Convention


Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees ("H.E.R.E.") Local 17 and the
Minnesota Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild announce a press conference
and action on the public sidewalk in front of the Holiday Inn RiverCentre,
across the street from the Xcel Energy Centre in St. Paul, at 11:00 a.m.,
Thursday, the 21st of June, 2001.  This action is to call attention to union
busting by the Holiday Inn RiverCentre, and to bring this issue to the
attention of the Minnesota State Bar Association.

The Minnesota State Bar Association holds its annual convention in the Xcel
Energy Centre in St. Paul from the 21st to the 22nd of June, 2001. Over
three weeks ago, H.E.R.E. Local 17 advised the State Bar Association of the
situation at the Holiday Inn RiverCentre: Holiday Inn RiverCentre reopened
after a 1 1/2 year renovation, refused to rehire its H.E.R.E.-organized
workers and hired a non-union work force, after its owners had signed the
first contract with Local 17 and promised to rehire the union workers after
the renovation.  H.E.R.E. requested that the State Bar remove the Holiday
Inn RiverCentre from its list of recommended hotels for its convention.
H.E.R.E. has organized a number of reputable downtown St. Paul 
hotels which can accommodate the State Bar Association's conventioneers.  
To date, State Bar Association officials have notacknowledged or responded
to Local 17's request.

Concerned members of the Minnesota State Bar Association and the National
Lawyers Guild will join H.E.R.E. to denounce the actions of Holiday Inn
RiverCentre, to ask participants in the State Bar Convention to change their
reservations from the Holiday Inn RiverCentre in favor of other hotels, and
to call upon the Minnesota Bar Association to adopt a permanent policy of
recommending only unionized hotels to its conventions' participants.  The
National Lawyers Guild contracts only with unionized hotels at its local,
regional, and national conventions.

The Holiday Inn RiverCentre, formerly the Days' Inn, recently reopened after
a $10 million, 1 1/2 year renovation.  The Days' Inn closed shortly after it
signed its first contract with Local 17.  At the timeof the layoff and
renovation, Days' Inn operated under the union contract, and promised its
Local 17 workers that it would call them back with full
seniority, benefits, and pay after the renovation.  After making this
promise, Days' Inn sold a 51% interest in the hotel to a new partner,
reopened the hotel with a non-union work force, and refused to recall the
union workers.