Boston Convention 2000 Report

Students made a strong impression at the Annual National Convention in Boston, November 2-5, and the general membership responded with overwhelming support. Here are some highlights. 

Student Constitutional Amendments Pass 

Great news from the lobbying front; the general membership passed both student initiated amendments. First, we will always have two student vice presidents who serve overlapping, staggered two-year terms. In addition to increased law school student activism through more visible leadership, we hope the change will give students more of a stake in the national scene so that they stay involved beyond law school. 

Second, students now have automatic concurrent membership in their local Guild chapter and their student chapter. This means that students who want to get involved in their local chapter have full constitutional authority to get in there and participate. At the national convention under the representative voting system students will continue to vote through their local chapters. This constitutional amendment should clarify and foster student involvement with local Guild activists. 

New Student Vice President 

In light of the constitutional amendment, we voted for a second student vice president to serve a two-year term. In a very close race Nathan Newman, a Yale 3L, was elected. Nathan has ten years of labor organizing experience before coming to law school. We should see some great student-initiated action from this highly motivated and visionary man. 

Student of the Year Award (C.B. King Award)

Steven Gotzler, this yearís recipient, graduated from Rutgers School of Law in Newark May 2000, where both the law school and students of the Minority Student Program bestowed him awards for his civil rights work. When Steve arrived at Rutgers, a school with a long tradition of aggressive Guild activity, the chapter was almost non-existent. Steve, along with the other newly elected officers, revived it and now with over 65 members it is a model example of Guild activism. 

Loan Repayment Action Plan 

Students hosted a loan repayment roundtable, which was an unquestionable success. A NAPIL
representative presented information about the current state of LRAP programs and then the attendees brainstormed about what the Guild should do. Consequently, a resolution was passed at the Sunday plenary to have the Guild lobby for national legislation addressing the issue. 

While students were present more than ever in Boston, you havenít seen anything yet. See you in Tucson, Arizona in October 2001! 

Cathleen Caron 
National Student Vice President