Statement of Purpose

The National Lawyers Guild holds a Law Student Abolition Day on March 1, 2001. March 1st is the International Death Penalty Abolition Day called on the anniversary of the abolition of the death penalty in Michigan in the 19th century. Michigan was the first jurisdiction in the "Modern World" to abolish the death penalty. We are calling on law student groups across the nation to hold events on this day to show their support of the abolitionist movement. Possible ideas for individual events are rallies, speakers, showing films or videos about the death penalty, or holding marches.

There is a nationwide movement to abolish the death penalty. This is based not only on moral objections, but also on evidence that the system of capital punishment does not work. The system we have now executes a racially disproportionate number of minorities. In Illinois, Governor George Ryan declared a temporary halt on executions because too many people on death row were found to be innocent. There have also been stories of death row inmates being defended by lawyers who were either drunk or asleep at trial.

As students, we will be the ones deciding in the future whether the death penalty should exist in this country. Let's not wait until March 1st next year to make our voices heard.   Contact membership coordinator Mac Scott for more information.  To join our email discussion and action list serve 
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