Dear Guild students,

It is time to organize! An easy way to do it is through the  National Lawyers Guild Interactive Student List Serve, Over 200 students have already subscribed. The list serve functions as a tool for Guild law students to network, disseminate information, debate issues, and generally improve law student activism, "to the end that human rights shall be more sacred than property interests." This forum has great potential. Due to the high rate of emails that each of us already receive, we ask that the space be used only for serious organizing (i.e. no junk mail or personal stuff, please).

To subscribe simply send a blank email to

After you are signed on you can send messages by posting it to

 and everyone on the list will automatically receive it. If you have any questions about this list serve, please email me at


We hope you join us!

Cathleen Caron
National Student Vice 

ps. to unsubscribe send a blank message to